21 Easy Pumpkin Seed Recipes That You Need To Try!

If you have a couple of leftover pumpkins, you actually have a key ingredient for 21 of fall’s best recipes or best pumpkin recipes. Though it may not seem like it at first glance, these little seeds are super versatile. They can be blended into sauces, or simply roasted and snacked on throughout the day. Dive into some simple and tasty pumpkin seed recipes to take full advantage of this fall staple. 

21. Raw Coconut Pumpkin Seed Butter

Raw Coconut Pumpkin Seed Butter

A delicious, vegan one ingredient homemade Pumpkin seed butter recipe with flavoured pumpkin seed butter options, health benefits of pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed butter used! When you don’t have pumpkin seed butter, make your own! While you’re at it, make it even more special with the addition of coconut! Okay, so Halloween may be over now, but that doesn’t mean that pumpkins have disappeared. Using just one ingredient- Raw, de-hulled pumpkin seeds- and 20 minutes of your time, you can blend up this delicious homemade pumpkin seed butter. 
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20. Chia & Pumpkin Seed Tea Cookies

Chia & Pumpkin Seed Tea Cookies

With oats instead of flour, not only are these pumpkin seed tea cookies gluten-free but they make for a great healthy breakfast or snack during the fall season. They absorb the flavour of the woods around them, are a seed, yet can also be used as a thickening agent. We use them in smoothies, pudding, veggie burgers….pretty much everything. These cookies are one of the most delicious pumpkin seed recipes and it’s seriously to die for. 
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19. Spicy Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds

Spicy Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are my favourite part of Halloween. I wait all year for them. I usually simply roast them with olive oil, salt and pepper. And while that is all fine and dandy, this year I decided to try a little something different. First of all, I decided to forgo the olive oil and use butter. Good choice. Next, I decided to mix in some sriracha. Best. Choice. Ever. If you like spicy snacks you’ll love these too. They are nutty, salty and they’ve got a hint of heat at the end. I just might have to carve pumpkins more than once a year so I can make them more often. 
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18. Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Granola

 Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Granola

We love granola for breakfast. It is delicious when paired with Greek yogurt, served with almond milk and fresh fruit, or even just enjoyed plain!  Making homemade Cranberry Granola may sound a little intimidating, but it truly is quite easy. With just a little stirring and baking time, you can save quite a bit of money by not buying granola at the store. The combinations for granola recipes are endless, but we really enjoy Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Granola in colder months. The colour of the green pumpkin seeds and red cranberries truly get us in a festive mood!
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17. Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies

Pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies are like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. They’re big, chunky cookies with lots of ‘stuff,’ in them, and the texture is perfection. I used a generous amount of pumpkin pie spice (plus an extra dose of cinnamon), copious vanilla extract, and a fun mix of cranberry, pepitas, oats and coconut flakes. It’s my new go-to Fall cookie that I don’t feel guilty about eating for breakfast because of all of the healthy add-ins. Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies are a new fall twist on an old classic! My one of the best pumpkin recipes filled with warm pumpkin spices. If you’re in love with pumpkin pie spice like I am then you’re going to LOVE these easy cookies.
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16. Parmesan Pumpkin Seeds

Parmesan Pumpkin Seeds

These savoury garlic parmesan roasted pumpkin seeds are fun to make and can be a healthy addition to salads, snack mixes or granola. Pumpkin seeds are such a tasty fall treat! Whether I’m cleaning out a pumpkin to carve, or getting ready to bake some pie pumpkins, I always save the pumpkin seeds. Plain, salted, roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious, but sometimes it’s fun to add some other flavours in the mix, too.
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15. Pumpkin Hummus

 Pumpkin Hummus

As the recipe title suggests, the idea for this vibrant pumpkin hummus hails from Lebanon. This pumpkin hummus is actually way less fussy to make than the classic one as there is absolutely no soaking, peeling or coaxing your blender involved. Despite much less effort, this beautiful dip is absolutely to die for. It’s creamy and extremely addictive. Although today’s pumpkin hummus does not contain chickpeas, it does have all other classic hummus ingredients: tahini, lemon and garlic so I’ve taken the liberty of calling it hummus too. 
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14. Kale and Pumpkin Seed Pesto

 Kale and Pumpkin Seed Pesto

A whole bunch of kale can quickly be turned into a gorgeously green pesto, flecked with toasted pumpkin (pepita) seeds, a touch of coriander (cilantro) and chilli if you so desire. If I’m making it knowing the kids will be eating it I leave these out, but if I’m being greedy… I put them in, that way only I get to eat it. As with any pesto, this is wonderful stirred through cooked pasta, smeared onto toast, swirled through a bowlful of steaming hot soup or vegetable stew, or thinned down with a little extra lemon juice and olive oil and used as a wonderful dressing.
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13. Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

You don’t need to be a candymaker to master this easy brittle recipe! Melt together butter, light brown sugar, and honey, cook until they reach a boil, then stir in pumpkin seeds and cool until set. The brittle can be enjoyed by itself or broken over ice cream. A dash of cayenne pepper and a sprinkle of coarse sea salt provides a bit of heat and savoriness to this easy brittle recipe. We have made it a more grown-up alternative to Halloween candy this year. It’s one of the most delicious fall pumpkin seed recipes I swear. 
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12. Roasted Squash Pumpkin Seed Salad

Roasted Squash Pumpkin Seed Salad

Buttery squash, crunchy pumpkin seeds, and smoky bacon make this a fall salad you’ll want to enjoy often. Serve with pork chops. This filling salad has roasted butternut squash, toasted pumpkin seeds, persimmons, pomegranate seeds and feta cheese on a bed of mixed lettuce with a maple-balsamic vinaigrette. Perfect for a celebration! The roasted butternut squash, pumpkin seeds and vinaigrette can all be prepared the day before serving. It’s so delicious and mouth-watering and one of the best pumpkin recipes good for health. 
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11. Sweet Pumpkin Seed Protein Granola

 Sweet Pumpkin Seed Protein Granola

Making homemade granola isn’t just easy, it’s also often cheaper, tastier, and healthier than store-bought versions – never mind the fact that making your own means it’s completely customizable to your liking! This easy vegan granola is crazy high in protein, fibre, healthy fats, and of course, crunchy granola clusters! It’s mildly sweet and perfectly spiced. Lentils are low in fat, loaded with iron, protein, and fibre, and they just so happen to be the perfect addition to homemade granola!
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10. Apricot, Cashew and Pumpkin Seed Bliss Balls

Apricot, Cashew and Pumpkin Seed Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are always a hit and we love this version from Aduna Triber Monique, made with some of our favourite ingredients – naturally dried apricots, creamy cashews, crunchy pumpkin seeds – and of course our zingy baobab! The perfect option for an energy boost on the go or a healthy dessert. These apricot, cashew and pumpkin seed bliss balls combine some of my favourite snack ingredients. Dried apricots are deliciously chewy, high in fibre and interestingly, contain a relatively high amount of iron! Combined with creamy cashews and the crunch of pumpkin seeds, you have one tasty bite. It’s one of my best pumpkin seed recipes. 
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9. Dark Chocolate Bark with Oats & Seeds

Dark Chocolate Bark with Oats & Seeds

This quick and easy dark chocolate bark with toasted quinoa, oats, and seeds recipe is full of healthy, all-natural ingredients and is the perfect healthy treat! It’s full of healthy, real food ingredients like… toasted oats, seeds, quinoa, and super dark chocolate. And, it’s SO incredibly simple to make and ready in just minutes. This Dark Chocolate Granola Bark is the kind of dish that leaves you coming back for seconds. Made with old-fashioned oats, dark chocolate, coconut and pumpkin seeds, this sweet treat is satisfying, wholesome and delicious.
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8. Spiced Flax & Pumpkin Seed Bites

Spiced Flax & Pumpkin Seed Bites

Harness the power of pumpkins to flavour a batch of wholesome, nutritious Pumpkin Spice Energy Bites. These no-cook, no-sugar-added, gluten-free, vegan energy bites are perfect for pre-or post-workout snacks, kids’ (and grownups’!) lunchboxes, and afternoon pick-me-ups with coffee. Filled with the earthy flavours of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, as well as dried fruit, seeds, nuts, spices, and peanut butter, it’s a great treat to fall into the seasons. Plus, each bite is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals to boost your nutrition.
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7. Chive and Pumpkin Seed Pesto Loaf

Chive and Pumpkin Seed Pesto Loaf

Homemade Chive Pesto made with onion chives and toasted pumpkin seeds. Toss with potatoes or pasta for a quick, easy and vegan dinner or serve as a dipping sauce with crusty bread! I hadn’t made a pesto loaf, or even chive pesto before so this was a bit of an experiment. And it was really awesome on my first try. I didn’t quite expect it to be so delicious. 
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6. No-bake Chewy Granola Bars

No-bake Chewy Granola Bars

Have you ever made granola bars that were so good you couldn’t stop eating them? Yeah, these are those granola bars. They’re so simple, quick and satisfying, I can’t help but dream up new flavours. These healthy granola bars are a little chewy and perfect for breakfast, snacks, before and after a workout. It’s really good for your health and also so delicious. It will be one of your favourite pumpkin seed recipes in no time. 
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5. Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups

chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups

I’m a big fan of dark chocolate. It’s one of my favourite treats and I enjoy it regularly… almost daily to be precise. There’s nothing wrong with a little dark chocolate as it’s rich in antioxidants and does wonders to curb a sugar craving! These super simple, delicious, and healthy chocolate pumpkin seed butter cups are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free. A decadent guilt-free treat! This delicious treat is so easy to make and is great to have on hand when you get a hankering for something sweet. 
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4. Spiced Root Vegetables with Pumpkin Seeds

Spiced Root Vegetables with Pumpkin Seeds

This is a great and hearty seasonal vegetable dish that can be used as a side dish or as an entire meal. The blend of seasoning adds a little spice and sweetness. I came up with this recipe on a Sunday evening when I had 1 unused sweet potato, 1 unused redskin potato, and unused leftover pumpkin from the pumpkin butter recipe which is great by the way. This recipe would make a great side dish for Thanksgiving. You are gonna crave more once you try this dish. 
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3. Pumpkin Seed Chaffles

Pumpkin Seed Chaffles

All you really need for this crazy simple recipe is just cheese + eggs plus a waffle maker. They cook up just like waffles so they’re perfect for breakfast with a side of bacon. Or you can even use them for anything you would normally use sandwich bread for – pizza chaffles, a chaffle sandwich and taco chaffles! They are so easy to make in less than 10 minutes and are the perfect low carb breakfast for fall. They’re full of warm spices & cosy pumpkin and cook up soft, crispy and delicious!
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2. 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Candy 

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Candy 

This healthy candy recipe is suitable for vegan (when using dairy-free chocolate), plant-based, paleo, nut-free, grain-free, oil-free, gluten-free and general healthy diets. You can make it raw by using raw chocolate or making your own, more info later. This candy would look great with a bit of wheatgrass or barley grass powder added to the pumpkin date mixture. You wouldn’t be able to taste it but would help give a bright vibrant green colour and add even more nutrition. Pumpkin seeds taste like they have a lot of good stuff in them but I’m the first to admit I don’t like their flavour just on their own. In this pumpkin seed candy recipe, you don’t notice the usual strong earthy taste that pumpkin seeds often have.
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1. Roasted Garlic Sage Pesto Pumpkin Soup with Spicy Fried Pumpkin Seed

Roasted Garlic Sage Pesto Pumpkin Soup with Spicy Fried Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin and sage is always a match made in heaven. I decided to fancy up the old bowl of goodness with a cheeky little punch of sage pesto. I did the pesto with some sage and arugula, for the hit of pepper and the colour. Hazelnuts and pecorino for some richness and a dash of balsamic and lemon juice for the perfect tangy kick. This pesto adds the perfect forestry, herby notes to the roasted pumpkins. For some crunch, I made a salty, spicy praline with some hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds. This was all things heaven! So what are you waiting for guys??? Try these delicious pumpkins and enjoy these fall days!
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