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Martinis may seem old school, but we can all agree sipping a cocktail from a long-stemmed martini glass feels fancy. Plus, there are tons of variations beyond the classic gin-vermouth-bitters combo. Modern Martini recipes are filled with almost every flavour imaginable—from apples to chocolate and coffee to spices—and they’re a lot of fun to explore. Here are 21 amazing drink recipes and enjoy these holidays with martinis in your hand and lovely desserts. 

21. Salted Caramel Martini

Salted Caramel Martini

Sweet and delicious, it’s hard to resist a salted caramel martini. This is one of the best Martini recipes and offers the same salty-sweet taste of the candy, which is a brilliant contrast from the average dessert drink. With most cocktails, the garnish is optional, but here it completes the experience. The rim is adorned with caramel syrup and just enough salt to make each sip interesting. Avoid salting the rim as heavily as you would a margarita—just a touch will do. You can also drizzle caramel into the glass and add a soft caramel candy to the rim for an even more indulgent experience.
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20. Pumpkin Spice Martini

 Pumpkin Spice Martini

An incredible fall or winter cocktail, Pumpkin Spice Martini is loaded with flavors from real Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Baileys, and Vanilla. It comes together in 5 minutes and is perfect for warm and cozy evenings during holidays! It is made using fall essentials like Pumpkin Puree, Pumpkin Spice, and Bailey’s and is one of the perfect drink recipes to get warm and cozy. Make this martini with pumpkin spice for your holiday get-together and house parties.
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19. Grapefruit Martini

Grapefruit Martini

If you’ve ever had grapefruit juice, you can imagine how this recipe is slightly tart and a little bit sweet. This Grapefruit Martini is super delicious. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion to make yourself one either! This is one of the perfect Martini recipes for your next girl’s night, a holiday get-together or to cap off a long day.
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18. Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini

This chocolate martini is a boozy dessert in a glass. Vodka combined with chocolate liqueur makes the perfect, easy-to-make after-dinner treat for when you’re craving something decadent with a wonderful chocolate flavor. When you’d like a rich indulgent cocktail that tastes like dessert then a chocolate martini is the drink for you! This quick and easy cocktail is perfect for all the chocolate lovers out there and one of the best holiday ideas of course. 
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17. Green Apple Martini Recipe

Green Apple Martini Recipe

This green apple martini aka appletini is made with vodka, sweet and sour mix, and sour apple schnapps. Just place those three ingredients into a shaker with some ice and you will have the most delicious alcoholic beverage ever. The best way to serve this is in a chilled martini glass. You can make these ahead of time, just remove the ice and refrigerate it. It’s one of my best drink recipes and I am sure you will love it too. 
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16. Gin Martini

Gin Martini

The classic gin martini is a simple cocktail to mix….. gin, dry vermouth, and orange bitters with an olive or lemon peel for the garnish. Most importantly, it should be stirred and never shaken. Shaking it over dilutes the ingredients and clouds the final pour. The ratio of gin to vermouth has changed as well, leading to a dryer version with less and less vermouth. The “Perfect Martini” is actually half gin and half dry vermouth, much too “wet” for my taste. It’s one of the best Martini recipes I have come across. 
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15. Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

Here’s the best lemon drop martini you’ll have, made simply with vodka, Cointreau, and lemon! It’s festive and refreshing, with a lemon twist and sugar rim. This zingy martini is perfectly balanced and refreshingly tart, served with a sugar rim and a lemon twist. It looks so festive that it’s great for celebrations of all kinds: be it a classy dinner party or New Year’s. One of the best holiday ideas I can suggest! 
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14. French Martini Recipe 

 French Martini Recipe 

The French martini is a triumph! This classy cocktail is perfectly balanced with vodka, pineapple juice, and raspberry liqueur. This martini is hardly related to the classic dry martini at all. It’s fruity and balanced, featuring a fancy French black raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice. Each sip is so intriguing and nuanced, it’s hard to put the glass down! This is one of my favorite drink recipes now. 
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13. German Chocolate Cake Martini

German Chocolate Cake Martini

A Chocolate Martini is one of the perfect dessert Martini recipes, and this German Chocolate Cake Martini really takes it up a notch! With the flavors of chocolate, coconut, and hazelnut mixed together, it tastes like you’re taking a bite out of your favorite chocolate cake, in cocktail form. It’s so delicious and one of the perfect holiday ideas I can suggest. 
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12. Apple Cider Martini Recipe

Apple Cider Martini Recipe

This apple cider martini recipe is not your average apple-flavored martini. It has a couple of extra flavors that make it a multidimensional tasting experience and a very interesting cocktail. It’s designed more for drinkers who enjoy drier drinks over the supersweet applet Inis. This one surprised us as a new favorite. It’s tangy and balanced, with just the right interplay between sweet-tart cider and citrusy orange liqueur. It’s got a hint of cinnamon on the finish and beware: it’s very drinkable. It’s one of the best drink recipes you can ever get. 
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11. Elderflower Martini

Elderflower Martini

The Elderflower Martini takes your standard Gin Martini recipe and adds touches to St. Germain’s elderflower liqueur and lime. The citrus and herb notes of the traditional martini are rounded out by the full-bodied light sweetness of the elderflower. This is a drink to enjoy while relaxing, even if only for a few minutes. St. Germain is best when sipped slowly, so you can take in all the nuances. If you’re finding it hard to unwind, this drink can help. This is one of the perfect drink recipes to enjoy on holidays with your family and friends. 
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10. Poison Blackberry Martini

Poison Blackberry Martini

Poison Blackberry Martini is a Halloween-inspired classic martini. The purple tones of the blackberry and gel color really give this an eerie and dark look. It can be done in less than 5 minutes, and in 10 minutes if you make the blackberry syrup now. It’s an elegant, dark martini for your elegant Halloween party. This Poison Blackberry Martini can easily be multiplied and you can continue the party until dawn – when you need to go back to your cave, coffin, or dungeon. It’s one of the most amazing Martini recipes I have ever tasted. 
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9. Cucumber Mint Martini

Cucumber Mint Martini

This is my cucumber mint martini recipe. All the ingredients together make it slightly sweet, cool – because of the mint and cucumber and so refreshing.  It’s a taste to be savored and loved! So, cucumber mint! I’m doing a little hip swivel dance right now. This drink is so tasty, it’s unbelievable. This Cucumber Mint Martini is one of the tastiest variations on the classic martini recipes out there. 
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8. Caramel Apple Martini

Caramel Apple Martini

Autumn flavors are at their best in this deliciously simple cocktail. Apple-flavored and butterscotch-flavored schnapps mingle together over a layer of fresh-cooked caramel. Easy and delicious, this Caramel Apple Martini is one of my favorite Martini recipes. The best part? You only need three ingredients to make it! This has quickly become one of my favorite new drink recipes. It’s a little on the sweet side, so it would pair very nicely with a salty appetizer. It could even finish up a meal as a substitute for a sweet dessert.
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7. Purple Martini

What a perfect cocktail for parties! This vibrantly purple “martini” is as tasty as it is beautiful. In a blender or food processor add all ingredients and blitz for 20 to 30 seconds at high speed. Salt the rim of your martini glass. Pour and Enjoy! It’s one of the most delicious and beautiful drink recipes I have ever seen and tasted. 
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6. Peanut Butter Cup Martini

Peanut Butter Cup Martini

This Peanut Butter Cup Martini calls for only 4 ingredients and is a favorite with all chocolate peanut butter lovers! Satisfy that sweet tooth and indulge! I must admit, I was a little apprehensive at first only because peanut butter in a martini never really crossed my mind. I kept envisioning clumpy peanut butter floating throughout or thick, sticking to the roof of your mouth peanut butter in drink form. Gross, right?! Well trust me, this was neither of those things! This was one of the smooth, creamy, flavorful Martini recipes that were thoroughly enjoyed by us both!
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5. Fresh Strawberry Martini


Blended strawberries with your favorite vodka? Sounds like berry bliss to me! Enjoy this Strawberry martini made with 4 simply delicious ingredients. Cheers! This delicious strawberry martini only has 4 ingredients, one of them being simple syrup. Did you know how incredibly easy it was to make simple syrup? Please don’t ever buy it. Make your own simple syrup with this recipe. It’s one of my favorite Martini recipes and holiday ideas ever. 
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4. Gingerbread Martini

Gingerbread Martini

This gingerbread martini recipe is a delicious Christmas drink with Baileys, the absolute best Christmas Cocktail to enjoy with friends and family or at your next holiday party. Is it that time of year where you want to cozy up by the fire in your pajamas while enjoying a delicious Christmas Cocktail? I thought so! And if you are in the mood for some boozy holiday ideas, you should probably whip up an easy batch of my delicious no-bake Rum Balls to enjoy! 
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3. Mexican Martini

Mexican Martini

Originally the Mexican Martini was just a large margarita in Austin, Tex. But the presentation calls for the margarita to be served in a martini glass, with olives on a spear. Because it is about twice as large as a regular drink, customers are usually given the cocktail shaker and invited to pour it themselves. So I do believe a new margarita recipe would be just the thing to commemorate this occasion — specifically, a Mexican Martini! It’s one of the best drink recipes you can ever ask for. 
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2. Watermelon Jalapeño Martini 

Watermelon Jalapeño Martini 

Watermelon Jalapeño Martini recipes are the perfect balance of sweet and spice. So refreshing and no fancy liquors required! All that to say these drinks are THE BOMB. Not too sweet, welcomingly tart, and a spice level that you can adjust to your tastes. I love that these martinis are made with simple, everyday ingredients – no liquors required. All you need is fresh watermelon, lime, tequila, and jalapeño-infused simple syrup, which is just sugar, water, and a jalapeño simmered together for 2 minutes. 
Get the recipe here.

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1. Cranberry Martini

Cranberry Martini

This cranberry martini is a fun and refreshing spin on the vodka martini starring cranberry juice, Cointreau, and lemon! Perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, this 4-ingredient Cranberry Martini recipe is a tasty twist on a traditional Cosmo. The difference? One simple ingredient. Mix it up in minutes and say hello to your new favorite happy hour Martini. So what are you waiting for guys?? Holidays have already started. Make these amazing Martini recipes and enjoy your days with your family and friends with great holiday ideas and drink recipes. 
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