21 Delicious Air Fryer Dessert Recipes That You Will Love!

Easy air fryer dessert recipes that are quick to make and will satisfy any sweet tooth. If you didn’t know the air fryer could bake, I’m about to blow your mind. You can make everything from fried Oreos to donuts and even churros! If you like dessert or any sweets, these healthy desserts in the air fryer are exactly what you need. I’ve curated a list of 21 air fryer dessert recipes to put together to enjoy after dinner or for a special treat.

21. Air Fryer Yogurt Custard Toast

Air Fryer Yogurt Custard Toast

This 10-minute Yogurt Custard Toast is an easy breakfast you can make in the air fryer or oven. Topped with fresh berries and a 3-ingredient custard, every bite is buttery, sweet, and tangy. This is a quick and easy recipe you can make in 10 minutes that doesn’t require any fancy tools or hard-to-find ingredients. It’s the perfect solution for the sweet tooth’s busy morning or when you’re craving something a little simpler than french toast.
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20. Air Fryer Baked Apples

Air Fryer Baked Apples

Air Fryer Baked Apples –Do you love apples, but dread the hassle of peeling and slicing them? Well, have no fear – the air fryer is here to help! With this nifty little appliance, you can easily bake apples right in your own kitchen. So go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth – these Air Fryer Baked Apples are absolutely delicious! Air Fryer Baked Apples are one of the best and easiest desserts that you can eat anytime. It makes for sweet dessert recipes, which are perfect for any day!
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19. Air Fryer Very Berry Bread Pudding

Air Fryer Very Berry Bread Pudding

This easy Berry Bread Pudding is one of the best dessert recipes(or breakfast) to satisfy those sweet cravings. It is creamy, decadent and so easy to make in the air fryer, oven, or even the instant pot. Perfect to serve to the family or for entertaining! This bread pudding is also very versatile, I used raspberry and blueberry. You can make it with any berries you have on hand or without any berries…maybe add a banana to make it a banana bread pudding or make it an old-fashioned cinnamon bread pudding.
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18. Air Fryer Shortbread Cookies

Air Fryer Shortbread Cookies

These air fryer shortbread cookies are the perfect cookie recipe for all seasons! If you haven’t tried baking up a batch of cookies in your air fryer then you are leaving a lot of deliciousness on the table these air fryer cookies are so easy to make. This small-batch cookie recipe requires just 3 ingredients! Shortbread cookies are synonymous with Christmas but I say let’s make it all year-round. There’s nothing wrong with bringing the Christmas season along with us all year.
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17. Air Baked Molten Lava Cake

Air Baked Molten Lava Cake

Yep. I’m someone who is grain minimal. I consider myself… grain informed if you will. So anytime I make a recipe that doesn’t even need a HINT of grains, I’m down! This is why these Valentine’s Day molten lava chocolate cakes are just so dang fun. Besides the chocolate and lava-like nature of the molten center. SO. My air fryer adventures are fun, but the exposure idea is still in the back of my head. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE THIS RECIPE! Because the molten lava cakes are cooked in small ramekins or half-pint mason jars. Win, win, win! 
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16. Air Fryer Churros

Air Fryer Churros

Air Fryer Churros are beautifully golden and crispy on the outside, covered with perfectly spiced cinnamon roll sugar. Get the hot chocolate ready and make these right now! Air Fryer Churros is the lighter version of the traditionally deep-fried or deep fry snacks. Instead of frying, we “bake” them up inside the air fryer with zero oil. But don’t worry, they’re every bit as crispy, beautifully golden, and fluffy inside as the classic version! Enjoy with a mug of hot chocolate, dip into Nutella or caramel, or freeze some so you can always have them freshly baked!
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15. Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies 

Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies 

Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies take my favorite cookie and get it done even quicker! They’re just as delicious as you’d think! Peanut butter cookies have always been my favorite – and I doubled up the peanut butter – and don’t forget to roll them in sugar! These delicious Air fryer dessert recipes are also simple to make and a great treat to make! Sometimes I get a sweet tooth and making cookies from scratch seems like a big deal – but every time I do it – I’m like – wait – that took like 10 minutes???? Definitely worth the time.
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14. Air Fried Vegan Beignets

Air Fried Vegan Beignets

Did you know that you can make dessert recipes in your Air Fryer? My Air Fried Vegan Beignets are full of richness from the full-fat coconut milk and perfect with a cup of coffee or cafe au lait. Don’t have an air fryer? Don’t worry, you can make them in your oven too. These air-fried vegan beignets are just rectangle yeast donuts that are usually drowning in powdered sugar. Usually, beignets are not vegan because they contain eggs and dairy. The famous Cafe du Monde beignets are NOT vegan.
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13. Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies

Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies

These air fryer chocolate chip cookies are the perfect dessert recipes to make in your air fryer TODAY! The base cookie recipe is just like any other chocolate chip cookie recipe, but, plot twist, they are baked to perfection in your handy dandy air fryer for the perfect soft and chewy cookie! Of course, this air fryer cookie recipe can be doubled or tripled in you want to make a larger batch but personally, I prefer making larger cookie batches in the oven so I don’t have to bake them separately and waste them too much time.
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12. Air Fryer Banana Bread

Air Fryer Banana Bread

This air fryer banana bread recipe is sweetened with maple syrup, making it tastier and healthier than many desserts! It’s a crowd-pleaser that’s so simple to make it’s sure to become one of your favorite dessert recipes. You’ll love this air fryer banana bread because not only is it made with oat flour, making it gluten-free (provided your oats are certified gluten-free), it’s free from dairy and refined sugar, too. It’s the perfect treat with a steaming mug of tea or coffee or as a healthy snack for the kids between meals.
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11. Air Fryer Churro Apple Pie Bombs

Air Fryer Churro Apple Pie Bombs

Air Fryer Churro Apple Pie Bombs are a sweet treat that can be made in about 20 minutes with only 5 ingredients. Serve this quick and easy treat for a quick weekend breakfast or top with vanilla ice cream for a decadent dessert. Pie is probably the most requested dessert at our house but it’s the one I make the least often. I just hate fooling with pie crust when cookies and cakes are faster and easier. Well, that is until I made these apple pie bombs! It is seriously simple and the crust is made with canned biscuit dough.
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10. Air Fryer Raspberry Muffins

Air Fryer Raspberry Muffins

Juicy fresh raspberries, orange zest, and fragrant vanilla sugar combine into these awesome Air Fryer Raspberry Muffins. They are quick and easy to put together and great for breakfast, brunch, or eating on the go. These muffins combine our love for sweet juicy raspberries along with our obsession with our Air Fryer. Along with our muffins for breakfast, brunch, mid-morning snack, and school lunchbox obsession.  These healthy desserts have got us all covered.
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9. Air Fryer Oreos

Air Fryer Oreos

If you love your air fryer and love dessert recipes then you’ll adore these 3 ingredients Air Fryer Fried Oreos. Absolutely delicious, easy, and tons of fun. This recipe reminds me of state fair food and who doesn’t love state fair food? Give me all the fried food! Luckily there are a little healthier (if they really can be) because they are air-fried and not oil fried. But you still come out with a delicious Oreo dessert in the end! I promise you will not miss the oil with these! You can also try the air fryer donuts or air fryer brownies, and monkey bread which is also easy to make at home for snacks or desserts.
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8. Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Dessert Fries

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Dessert Fries

I’ve gone a little crazy with sweet potatoes this winter. We constantly have them at our house and I needed to find a new way to enjoy them. That’s when I created these air fryer desserts fries. They’re sweet potato fries with cinnamon and sugar to create a nice sweet way to enjoy them. This recipe calls for fresh sweet potato fries, but you can also use frozen air fryer sweet potato fries. 
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7. Air Fryer Blueberry Apple Crumble

Air Fryer Blueberry Apple Crumble

A nice fruit crumble is welcome any season of the year, but I especially love adding fresh or frozen berries. This Vegan Air Fryer Crumble combines blueberries and apple, and if you want to live big you can add a dash of cardamom to it too. The most important thing is that the pans you use fit into your air fryer and leave room for the air to circulate around the pan. You can make this and many other dessert recipes with the sweetener of your choice, to taste.
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6. Air Fryer Cannoli

Air Fryer Cannoli

Air Fryer Cannoli — Cannolis is a traditional Italian pastry typically deep-fried. While delicious, this process leaves you with a greasy and heavy treat, which can be difficult to enjoy at times. Luckily for all cannoli lovers out there, the air fryer has come to our rescue! Air Fryer Cannoli is a fantastic air fryer dessert, and the air fryer perfectly cooks up the cannoli shell, and the creamy filling makes this delicious!
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5. Air Fryer Cheesecake

Air Fryer Cheesecake

Air Fryer Cheesecake Bites are so good! They are the perfect and delicious snack or healthy desserts for the upcoming holiday! They are so easy to make, and they have a great crispy shell, and then inside, you will find a great creamy cheesecake filling. These make for a perfect dessert any time of the year! And everyone loves everything miniature! So, the next time you are looking to make quick dessert recipes, or cheesecake in your air fryer, think no more than these perfect desserts of Air Fryer Cheesecake Bites.
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4. Air Fryer Apple Pie Roll Ups

Air Fryer Apple Pie Roll Ups

Air fryer Apple Pie Roll-Ups are a quick and delicious flour tortilla dessert recipe loaded with sweet apple pie filling. Brushed with butter and then covered in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, these apple pie roll ups are a scrumptious fall dessert or healthy desserts. Great for kids, adults, and even for parties. All you need are a few simple ingredients, and you can whip them up in no time. Apple Pie Roll Ups are delicious individual desserts! This recipe is also known by other names such as Apple Pie Taquitos or Apple Tortillas, but essentially these are all very similar Air Fryer dessert recipes. 
Get the recipe here.

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3. Air Fryer Strawberry Short Cake

Air Fryer Strawberry Short Cake

Air Fryer Strawberry Shortcakes are light and fluffy biscuits cooked in the air fryer and then filled with creamy whipped cream and sweet sliced strawberries.  This is one of the easiest air fryer dessert recipes I’ve ever made. For real. I love making strawberry shortcakes with biscuits because they are so easy to make and turn out delicious. This strawberry shortcake with biscuits recipe is easy to make with only four ingredients. In just six minutes you can enjoy an air fryer strawberry shortcake for kids or adults! You’ll love these light dessert recipes or healthy desserts using an air fryer instead of an oven!
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2. Air Fryer Banana Chips

Air Fryer Banana Chips

Crispy homemade Healthy Plantain chips / Banana chips made out of raw bananas that are healthier, made with very little coconut oil in the air fryer. Vegan, healthy desserts, and gluten-free snacks. Choose the green plantains to make these chips. If you can’t find them you can also use raw green bananas. Traditionally Banana chips are fried in coconut oil in India. I have used cold-pressed coconut oil today. You can also use any cooking oil of your choice. Also, you can try the apple chips recipe at home too.
Get the recipe here.

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1. Air Fryer Red Velvet Cupcakes

 Air Fryer Red Velvet Cupcakes

Air Fryer Red Velvet Cupcakes — Do you have something special coming up? Are you celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or some other holiday? Perhaps it is Valentine’s Day, and you need to find a way to impress your sweetheart. With the right recipe, these Red Velvet Cupcakes are sure to be a great hit. air fryer cakes are moist, fluffy, and decadent with just enough sugar for that perfect balance of sweetness. You can make these healthy desserts ahead of time, so they are ready when needed!
Get the recipe here.

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