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Cooking is a very much interesting topic I ever heard. Only for that, I create this website. On this site, you can get all types of food recipes. Indian, foreign, and all types of the recipe available here. Our main base is “Ares Group of Companies”, and this site – “Food Recipe” is just a part of it. You can also visit our other Website www.food.crispyfoodidea.com named FOOD IDEAS. We just start it on 23 Sept 2018 and do very hardcore work on it and finally on 25th Oct 2018 we publish this site to fulfill one of our dreams. We started our one new journey with this site and we know that we reach success very soon.

About the Author

Priyanka Dutta

Founder & CEO

My name is Priyanka Dutta from Kolkata, West Bengal, North 24 PGS district. Now I am working as a full-time blogger. I very much love cooking, food-related to Health and Fitness, and also I like to invent various types of delicious food recipe every time. In our blog, we provide you with all types of food-related topics and also many recipes which you get available outside of our country and some of my unique food recipes.

After 2 or 3 months of my blogging time, I got the first AdSense approval on my first site which is on the Blogspot platform, named crispyfoodidea.blogspot.com. Thereafter I continue my journey to 2018 and then I purchase a domain for my first blog and it becomes www.crispyfoodidea.com. which is registered from GoDaddy.

Then I think to expand my work in this blogger platform and finally, I got the idea of this Food Recipe site and I make crispyfoodidea.com.

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