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Recipe: Tomato Sauce in Home

Recipe: Tomato Sauce -

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One of our daily essential commodities, Tomato Sauce has the important part, because every time when we take any of the fast-food that time we need that. In the market, it has very much demand. 
Basically, I love tomato sauce to take it with everything spicy food. So today I will share with you how to make Tomato Sauce easily with Fresh Tomatoes in the home. 


·         6 ½ kg tomatoes
·         1/4 – 1/2 cup lemon juice or red wine vinegar
·         2 teaspoons salt (optional)

·         Equipment

·         6 1/2-quart oven
·         Knife and cutting board
·         Food processor or blender
·         Mixing bowls
·         Slotted Spoon
·         Sterilized pint jars for canning sauce – 5 pcs.


1.     1. Prepare steam and ice baths in a pot of water: Bring a high 6-quart or large oven or water stockpot on high heat. Fill a big bowl with ice and water and set it next to the oven.
2.     Prepare the tomatoes for blanching. Slice all of the tomatoes in like an “X” of its core’s bottom line.
3.     Pieces of tomato their pores: Work in the batch, drop several tomatoes into warm water. Cook for 45 to 60 seconds until the skin starts to wrinkle. Using a slotted spoon, lift the tomatoes and keep it in ice water. Take the rest of the tomatoes, transfer cold tomatoes from ice water to another big bowl. Now pour the remaining water from the container and you have no need to dry it.

Tomato Sauce

4.     Trim the tomatoes: When finished blanching, use your hands or a paring knife to strip the skin from the tomatoes. Filter the water used in tomato boil.

Tomato Sauce - Trim and Chop the Tomatoes

5.     Chop the tomatoes: It’s better to work if you do this in a separate batch.  You can chop the tomatoes by hand. For a very glossy sauce, leave this step completely and let them break into a big piece of tomatoes as cooking. Transfer each batch to a saved Dutch oven or stockpot.
Boiled the tomatoes: Bring the tomato sauce boiled in medium heat. Continue simmering, stirring occasionally, until the sauce until your taste reaches 30-60 minutes and adjusts.

Stir in lemon juice and salt: Take at least 1/4 cup lime juice or walk in vinegar and salt. A 1/4 cup coughing is necessary to ensure a safe level of acidity. Add more lemon juice or vinegar to taste and as needed.
1: Freezing
Let the sauce cool, then transfer between freezer bags or fridge bags.
2: Canning

Transfer the hot sauce into the sterilized container. Top with new, sterilized lids, and screw on the rings until the fingers are tight. Process in a pot of warm water for 30 minutes. Let the counter be completely cool. 

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