21 Delicious High Tea Recipes That You Need To Try!

High tea recipes at your favorite hotel are a special experience but when time and geography get in the way it’s just as easy to have your own at home. Get the kettle bubbling, bring out the old silverware, we’re bringing back the tea party with food fit for a queen. Chai time is an experience and a very personal one. I grew up in a home where chai was (and still is) celebrated. Everyone in my home from my mom to my nieces is obsessed with chai. It’s the time of day when we set our worries aside, and come together as a family, sit around, snack on delicious treats, and chitchat. Our chai sessions are rather elaborate and can easily last up to two hours on the weekends. I live for those moments.

21. Deviled Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches

Deviled Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches

Today I’m kicking off a brand new weekly feature, Tea for Tuesdays, with classic deviled egg salad finger sandwiches! You might have noticed in addition to comfort foods, Southern-influenced foods, and recipes from the farmers’ market or the garden, I also gravitate towards foods that provide an elegant dining experience. And I don’t think there’s anything quite as elegant as a luncheon consisting of scones, bite-sized sweets, dainty sandwiches, and a hot cup of tea with just a little cream.

The great thing about high tea recipes is they’re so versatile! You can plan and host a full-fledged afternoon tea: Afternoon tea is a fitting choice for a bridal or baby shower or a themed birthday party, finger sandwiches make a darling addition to an Easter brunch, or you can plan a tea for Mother’s Day.
Get the recipe here.

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20. Tuna Salad Tea Sandwiches

Tuna Salad Tea Sandwiches

A Tuna Salad Sandwich is one of my kid’s favorite after-school snacks. It is definitely one of my go-to meals when I am hungry and want something fast! We love high tea recipes and this Tuna Mornay, Tuna Melt Casserole, and Open-Faced Tuna Melt are some of our favorites! This is a flavor-packed recipe.  I admit, there are days when I grab a can of tuna, add some mayo and celery salt, and am done! But there are also times that I want the most satisfying and delicious tuna salad sandwich ever… and this recipe fits the bill.

The easiest way to make a tuna salad sandwich is to prepare the tuna salad, get your bread, and start layering. Our favorite (and the most classic way of eating it) is to grab a piece of bread (not toast!), lay lettuce on the bread, scoop the tuna salad on top of the lettuce, add sliced tomato, and then cover with another piece of bread. Serve with some chips or fries and you are good to go!
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19. Mini BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)

Mini BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)

An adorable mini version of a bacon, lettuce, and tomato (BLT) sandwich. Get easy-to-follow directions to make and serve at your next afternoon tea party ideas. A classic BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) sandwich perfectly sized for tea time. It’s small and can be eaten in 2-3 bites with your fingers. Crustless and dainty, these BLT tea sandwiches are double-stacked (just an excuse to get more bacon in there) and all held together with a cocktail fork to keep things neat and tidy. Serve these tea sandwiches as a part of the savoury course for afternoon tea at home or as a midday snack with a pot of tea. These bite size recipes are also great as snack ideas for parties.
Get the recipe here.

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18. Mini Lemon Raspberry Cakes

Mini Lemon Raspberry Cakes

These mini cakes have a delicious lemony flavor with a light, sweet and tart raspberry mascarpone cream. One of the benefits of blogging is that you come across and get inspiration from many fellow bloggers. I have been following Astrid Field, the face behind The Sweet Rebellion, long before I began blogging. She has such great high tea recipes and ideas. I have been wanting to make these raspberry and lemon mini cakes for a while now, and finally got around to making these recently. Whilst these mini cakes seem like a lot of effort, it is actually quite simple – baked in a single sheet cake and cut out of a cookie-cutter.
Get the recipe here.

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17. Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches

Classic cucumber tea sandwiches are made easy, delicious, and completely adorable. Get step-by-step directions on how to make these simple and elegant finger sandwiches. They’re perfect for tea time! A cucumber sandwich is a tea-time classic. A variation of it is often found in afternoon tea menus. This dainty and crustless cucumber tea sandwich is made with chive butter, decorated with a thin cucumber slice, and held together with a cocktail fork. Like all tea sandwiches, it’s sized to be eaten in 2-3 bites. Cucumber tea sandwiches are perfect for tea time to be served with a pot of tea. They’re great as appetisers for parties or as after-school snack ideas for kids.
Get the recipe here.

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16. Easy Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites

Easy Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites

Have you tried those little sous vide egg bites they’re serving now at Starbucks? If you haven’t, let me tell you, they’re something special – dainty little bites of egg and cheese with a smooth, custardy texture. And they’re a great low-carb alternative to the usual bagel or granola. The only problem? The price. Close to five bucks, for two itty-bitty egg Bites. Clearly, this recipe was crying out for a copycat version. As it turns out, my Instant Pot was the perfect tool for the job. It steams the eggs at a steady pressure and temperature, so they come out just right – not runny or hard, but velvety smooth and soft.
Get the recipe here.

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15. Lemon Tea Cookies

Lemon Tea Cookies

Lemon Tea Cookies are easy lemon cookies made with a few ingredients and fresh lemon juice and zest. They require less than 15 minutes of prep before baking in the oven. Lemon cookies are lovely little cookies. They are the perfect cookie to enjoy while sipping afternoon tea. They are great for serving at special events like Mother’s Day brunch, bridal showers, and baby showers. But really, these cookies are for anyone that loves lemon. Kids and adults love them! These cookies are made from scratch with a few simple cookie ingredients like butter and flour. Fresh lemon zest and juice give these cookies the perfect amount of lemon flavor. 
Get the recipe here.

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14. Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches

These easy Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches are a quick, elegant, and easy addition to a light lunch or afternoon tea. A simple treat to wow the crowd at a party or major gatherings! These little sandwiches, also called ‘buterbrodi’ are a must at holidays and many times served with other offerings. Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches are a delicious treat and usually the first to disappear from the table. So simple but so elegant at the same time. The sour cream adds a bit of tang to the sandwich, and the dill perfectly compliments the salmon.
Get the recipe here.

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13. Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Moderation is the essence of everything from my diet, my workout regimen, and even my hair washing schedule. In this time where we’re just doing a little less- maybe less work, less planning, or fewer visits with friends- it seems fitting to share a similarly bitty recipe: these mini cinnamon rolls. These are bite-sized treats that work for this moderate period of life, and because they’re super yummy, you’re going to want to try them ASAP. Let’s chat about them. This recipe for mini cinnamon rolls was adapted from my favorite overnight cinnamon rolls recipe. This has long been one of the more popular recipes on this site and for good reason- they’re phenomenal. These pastries of high tea recipes are soft, lightly sweetened, crowd-pleasing, and near-impossible to screw up. 
Get the recipe here.

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12. Easy Jam Tarts

Easy Jam Tarts

Who doesn’t love homemade Jam Tarts? With a buttery base and a thick filling of jam or curd, these are a perfect lunch box or afternoon tea treat. This easy jam tarts recipe is quick to whip and delicious to eat. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make jam tarts, this is the post for you. If you’ve never heard of them, then this is a post for you. Jam tarts are an absolute classic sweet little treat for good reason. The buttery biscuit base is filled with jam or fruit curd and baked. Once they cool, the center is sweet and soft and it’s encased in that crisp buttery shell.
Get the recipe here.

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11. Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies

Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies

Healthy 3-ingredient almond flour shortbread, ready to eat in under 30 minutes! They are also vegan, paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, and keto (with one ingredient swap). My 3 ingredient almond flour cookies continue to be a hit, so I decided it was time for more of a good thing. Specifically, 3-Ingredient Almond Flour Shortbread! It is 100 degrees outside, but I cannot help myself: I am ready for fall baking to begin!

School starts next Monday, so I am planning ahead, filling the freezer with quick and easy options I can add to lunches. They are ridiculously easy, and almost foolproof, too. Simply mix together 1 cup of blanched almond flour (not almond meal), 2 and 1/2 tablespoons coconut sugar (or a keto substitute), and 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil, plus 1 tablespoon water and a pinch of salt. 
Get the recipe here.

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10. Cream Tea Scones with Blackberry Whipped Cream

Cream Tea Scones with Blackberry Whipped Cream

Today I want to show you how to turn a plain scone into a really pretty treat in the cake stand that looks fancy but is so easy! I used King Arthur Flour’s recipe for Cream Tea Scones, baked them in a mini bunt pan, and filled them with Blackberry Whipped Cream! Even, I have a passion for “pretty baking” and am always trying to turn my baked goods into little works of art for the Tea Table! Also, I was really happy with how these turned out! The filling is easy peasy and goes together in 1-2-3!  Carefully slice scones in half and place them on a baking sheet. Whip ingredients together and spoon or pipe onto bottom halves, then replace top halves. Pipe or spoon a bit more of the filling onto the top halves and decorate each with a blackberry!
Get the recipe here.

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9. Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Tasty, bite-sized ham and cheese tea sandwiches perfect for tea time, parties, and snack time! Three bites and they’re gone. So easy to make, no cooking is involved, just prepping and assembling. Double stacked and gone in 2-3 bites, these ham and cheese finger sandwiches are delicious and perfectly sized for tea time and party appetizers. These crustless tea sandwiches are super easy to make and don’t require any cooking. They’re fun to make with kids. (No knives needed!) The trick to making these sandwiches is a cookie-cutter. It makes it easy to cut into the ingredients and to get them all the same size. This is one of my favorite high tea recipes that you will love too.
Get the recipe here.

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8. Mini Lemon Blueberry Cheesecakes 

Mini Lemon Blueberry Cheesecakes 

Mini Lemon Blueberry Cheesecakes sweet treats or party ideas feature an easy homemade graham cracker crust, smooth and creamy lemon cheesecake filling, and a simple blueberry swirl! While there are a few steps to these mini cheesecakes with a graham cracker crust, they are pretty easy to make. And since they need to be refrigerated for a few hours, they’re a perfect dessert that you can prepare ahead of time or freeze for whenever you need them. You can even leave off the blueberry swirl for a regular mini lemon cheesecake or swap out the blueberries with your favorite berry! These mini blueberry cheesecake bites have three components: the blueberry swirl that goes on top, the lemon cheesecake filling, and the graham cracker crust. 
Get the recipe here.

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7. Tiny Heart Shortcakes with Strawberries

Tiny Heart Shortcakes with Strawberries

These little two-bite cream scones are topped with sweetened whipped cream and a strawberry half. So yummy and the perfect size and high tea recipes for Tea! I added a bit of pink food coloring to my whipped cream of course! After the scones cool, pipe some whipped cream on each one…..Top each with one-half of a strawberry. Finish with a sprinkling of powdered sugar! Whip cream until it holds stiff peaks. Beat in the sugar. Fill a piping bag with the cream.

Pipe 3 small rosettes onto each scone. Top with a strawberry and dust with powdered sugar. Makes 20 scones. I have to confess that many times I’ll quickly read through a recipe and miss something important in my haste! That is exactly what happened in this recipe. As I was adding the recipe to this post, I realized that the recipe says to cut each scone in half after cooling! (This would make your scone base thinner.) 
Get the recipe here.

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6. Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes - party ideas

Exquisitely rich buttercream and jam are sandwiched between two delicately soft and buttery sponge cakes. This version comes in miniature form of the traditional full-sized cake, allowing you to conveniently pop mini bites of heaven into your mouth over and over…and over. And while we’re on the subject of “mini”, how about starting with a brief history lesson? British afternoon tea is a tradition going back many generations. 

Its origins trace back to Queen Victoria and Anna the Duchess of Bedford who served as her lady-in-waiting (ie, personal assistant) for 10 years. Today I’m introducing you to another decadent sweet you can add to your repertoire of tea time indulgences.  We’re going to add a modern twist to this very traditional British dessert.  It’s a Victoria Sponge Cake, in miniature form. These Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes are perfect for your next chic tea party, bridal shower, birthday, or other special occasion or party ideas.
Get the recipe here.

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5. Crab Salad Tea Sandwiches

Crab Salad Tea Sandwiches

Are you intrigued by the beauty of tea sandwiches, but unsure how to make them?  These crab salad sandwiches are so easy to assemble. Traditional tea sandwiches are small and dainty – with no more than two to three bites. They have many different kinds of fillings, such as meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit.  Cucumber, egg, chicken, crab, smoked salmon, ham, cheese and pickle, roast beef, tuna, pimento cheese, and fig jam are popular tea sandwich fillings in the UK and US. Traditionally, tea sandwiches are made on soft bread with a variety of fillings.  The fillings usually have vegetables, cheese, fruits, or meats that are diced, so they look dainty.
Get the recipe here.

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4. Classic French Raspberry Almond Madeleines

Classic French Raspberry Almond Madeleines

These Raspberry and Almond Madeleines make the most delicious sweet treats or snack ideas to enjoy with your morning and afternoon tea. The French Madeleines made with Almond Meal are super light and fluffy and topped with a Raspberry Glaze for a beautiful finish! Madeleines are such a Classic French Recipe. It’s one of those treats that you simply cannot stop eating – they are usually gone way too fast! Today, I am sharing with you my latest madeleine experiment; these Raspberry and Almond Madeleines. Tasting a freshly baked Madeleine for the first time is a moment you never forget. Nothing like the dry, store-bought bag of madeleines!
Get the recipe here.

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3. Lemon Drizzle Muffins with Lemon Curd Filling

Lemon Drizzle Muffins with Lemon Curd Filling

Moist Lemon Drizzle Muffins with Lemon Curd Filling, a little treat for Easter or all year round. If you like the classic lemon drizzle cake, you will absolutely love these little beauties. Super easy to make, great for kids and grown-ups alike. I just love high tea recipes, and I tend to use either lemon essence or lemon zest/juice quite often when I bake. Or the three of them in this case, to make these super yummy lemon drizzle muffins that are filled with lemon curd. That’s as lemony as it can get! My lemon drizzle cake has been my favorite dessert or snack ideas on my blog from the very first time I posted it, and it’s been constantly in my top 10 posts for quite a while now.
Get the recipe here.

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2. Almond Scones with Cinnamon and Vanilla 

Almond Scones with Cinnamon and Vanilla 

Slightly sweet, with a good splash of vanilla, and crunchy sliced almonds, Vanilla Almond Scones are an absolute delight. Scones quickly become everyone’s favorite, so keep this recipe close. You’ll make them over and over again. I begin to crave scones as soon as the weather starts to warm up.  There is nothing I enjoy more than a hot coffee and a freshly baked Vanilla Almond Scone. I always have my scones with some fresh fruit. Today, it was strawberries! For the basis of this scone, I used my Basic Scone Recipe. I wanted to make a few versions of that recipe so that I could show you how easy it is. My Basic Scone Recipe is perfect just the way it is, especially if you are looking for a simple scone that can be slathered with butter and jam.
Get the recipe here.

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1. Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips

Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips - snack ideas

Soft, moist, and delicious Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins! These muffins are the perfect way to use up ripe bananas and turn them into a delicious breakfast or snack. Easy to make using simple pantry ingredients. These muffins take my favorite banana bread and white chocolate chip muffins and mash them together to create the most delicious breakfast or snack. Not only will these muffins have your home smelling incredible but they are made using the simplest pantry ingredients and take no time at all to whip up. There’s nothing better than a freshly baked warm banana muffin with oozing melted chocolate chips served with a glass of milk, tea, or coffee, they are just so good and great high tea recipes or party ideas too!
Get the recipe here.

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